Full autonomy from the the other clients

Linux VPS packages offer the level of command you would get on a dedicated web hosting server for a reduced renting price.

Due to a special virtualization technology, a VPS offers you a fully free web hosting atmosphere. You’ll be truly free from any additional user accounts located on the same physical master server and won’t have any kind of excessive load problems or denial–of–service attacks. At the same time, you’ll be able to make use of all of the resources that are allocated to you as well as to change any kind of web server settings you would like. Thanks to the root access you have, you’ll be able to set up any software that you like and restart the server anytime.

The server administrators execute weekly offsite backups of your server, so that you can be sure your content is going to be restored in case of unforeseen loss of data.

Full admin access

With a VPS, you will get full root access for your hosting environment and you will be able to modify any kind of configurations on the web server and also to reboot it when you want.

This makes you at liberty to add applications that usually can’t be mounted with an ordinary website hosting account. Also, you can create your personal videos sharing site, or manage a media–loaded web site with video clip converting capabilities.

And in case you need further assistance controlling your server, you’ll be able to benefit from our Administration Services bundle, that includes weekly OS updates, software installation operations, server restarting, monitoring, troubleshooting procedures and many others.

Step 3: SolusVM or Virtuozzo

With us, it’s possible to pick from .

VPSs feature solid–state drives, a range of Operating Systems, total root admission, regular offsite backups.

Numerous data center facility locations

We’ve been working with Data Center Facilities in the USA, in the UK to be able to provide the top location for all of your sites, no matter which country you live in. Picking out a data center that’s nearest to your targeted visitors will lead to speedier loading speeds for your sites.

Every single data center provides perfect connectivity with the rest of the world and an absolutely backed up network based on Juniper switches and routers. A 99.9% network uptime is assured.

Regardless of which data center you pick, you can be sure that all your websites are in a safe place and that there will be a crew of skilled system administrators checking the servers onsite. The costs plus all the attributes of our Linux VPS Packages are the same in all data centers.

You really find more resources than you pay for

Owing to an exceptional virtualization process, our Linux VPS Packages do offer more than you have paid for.

Apart from the memory allocation that your Virtual Private Server comes with, you’ll also have the ability to take advantage of the any RAM resources that are unused on the same web hosting server at any moment. This means that even if your VPS is equipped with 1018 MB of RAM memory, it’s possible to use the free RAM resources found on the master server.

Consequently, unlike with any shared hosting platform where many other customers on the same web server could cause excessive load, which might cause server downtime for your web sites, on a VPS the rest of the customers could just bring you benefit.