Although managing a standalone server is not very hard, it involves more management tasks when compared to a shared hosting account, because the machine where the latter is set up is always managed by the provider. Things like updating the software and keeping an eye on the web server to make certain that it's working are just a small part of these tasks. In this light, you'll have to spend more time handling the server, so if you have not had a server before and you aren't precisely sure what you have to do and how to do it, you can capitalize on an array of optional administration services. That way, you may focus on the content of your web sites and on your advertising and marketing strategies instead of spending hours on boring tasks.

Administration Services in Dedicated Hosting

You'll be able to add the management services that we offer to any one of our Linux dedicated servers hosting packages regardless of what OS or hosting Cp you've chosen. Our administrators can keep a watchful eye on your machine and the processes running on it 24/7, so when necessary, they could reboot it to restore its proper functioning. They could also update the hosting server Operating System with the most recent security patches. Moreover, they're able to keep a backup of your files and databases on a separate server, in order to make certain that no matter what happens, your data will be intact. Our admin staff may also execute any other custom tasks like setting up some software which you have acquired and that you would like to use, or troubleshooting script-driven apps - if they don't work adequately. Any of these services can be added to your dedicated server plan whenever you want either individually or all at once, so you can decide how involved you would want to be in the server administration process.